Evil Author Day


So I’m not dead. 

Or maybe I am, and just dragged myself out of Hell for Evil Author Day.

Here are some WIPs I have going at the moment. The first is posted at AO3 and is about 3 chapters from being complete. The others are not posted yet (other than sneak peeks) and range between a few random scenes written and more than half done. 

Feedback will make me work faster.

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The Great Easter Hunt

The Great Easter Hunt
word count: 2125
rating: PG
warnings: none
characters/pairing: Gen, Dean, Sam
summary: Anything that crawls out of the TV and creeps around your house needs to die, especially red eyed rabbits that cluck like chickens, even if your brother tries to tell you that you’re stoned on pain meds and hallucinating.

Written for the SPN Big Pretzel Spring Fic Exchange, based on the prompt "High on pain meds, Dean is convinced he's seeing the Easter bunny and forcing a secretly amused Sam to come along on the hunt."

Art by the brilliant kuwlshadow.

also available on AO3

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Season 13 finale - no spoilers

So yeah, I'm calling a do over on the whole thing. I'll post something more coherent after I've rewatched (my CW station was having issues last night. Three times they randomly went to commercial in the middle of a scene, and twice they didn't come back from commercial on time) but there was so much WTF in that episode. 


Season 12 rewatch leads to an important question - what did the BMoL do to Mick between his middle school years and adulthood that changed his eye color?